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Experiences / February 24, 2023
From Homes To Smart Homes

The exponential growth and acceptance of technology into our daily lives can be termed as one of the biggest revolution of our century. Technology has deeply impacted our lifestyle, making us dependent for nearly all our professional commitments and social requirements. From banking, instant messaging, mailing, shopping, travelling to food ordering, technology has built strong inroads in nearly all leading segments to provide users with a seamless experience and on the go service, anywhere anytime.

The adoption of technology into the real estate segment was largely restricted to construction technology and, in very few cases, integrated to build a strong sales network between the in-house developer teams and channel partners. Technology, for a very long time, was also limited to premise security cameras and high speed elevators. Other internal tech solutions proved to be high cost and laden with service issues, things that the developers did not want to burden upon the end users, adding up to increasing the cost of home purchase.

Technology advancements, in the last few years, have introduced affordable and wireless solutions that provide users to completely automate their entire premises that can be managed using smartphones. Many leading companies and startups like Schneider Electric, Picostone, Crabtree and Legrand, amongst others, have introduced a range of home automation products that are user-friendly, affordable, wireless and smartphone driven.

Affordable, value driven and compatible home automation products have flooded the market in the last few years and a number of leading electronic manufacturers have also extended their product line to cater to the growing demand of home automation products in India. From the end user perspective, Climate control, resource management, power and water management, security solutions and home automation with global access are few of the technological advancements that are redefining developer delivery  models

Technological innovations, user acceptability and affordable solutions has compelled many leading developers to integrate automation products as a part of their offerings, to lure new age buyers who are seeking ‘smartphone solutions’ beyond the traditional offerings.With tech options, easing the backend process and improving the front end user deliverables, developers are now trying to integrate technology for a more controlled sales environment, defining marketing expense and building a stronger base for higher return on investments.

For the home buyer, technology provides a controlled home environment from the point of premise security, internal video monitoring (especially in the case of aged parents and small children), power savings and ease of control of home appliances through remote monitoring.

Technology, in the realty space, is still in its nascent stages and the advancement of technology will further ease improve the entire ‘design to delivery’ process for the developers and provide users with homes that are self manageable.

— Rahul Pande

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