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Justo / February 24, 2023

The advancement and involvement of technology in every aspect of our life has redefined our expectations. In real estate too, customers are now voicing their discontent over hopeful expectation against traditional offerings by developers. This is also one of the many reasons that many projects, that have good amenities, stay unsold as they do not cater to the new age buyers wish list.

There is now a significant gap between what the buyers want and the delivery from the developers. Technology is not only changing the customer’s behaviour in buying decisions but also in terms of enjoying the entire property Customer has become extremely demanding and technology dependent. There is an immediate need for the developers to not only cater to the enhanced customer demand but also improve their efficiency in terms of value additions , offerings , processes for the all the stake holders

Though, many developers have seamlessly integrated technology to improve backend process and build products that attract buyers, other developers are struggling to incorporate the right technology platform as a part of their backend practices and sales offering. Many developers deter from the idea on the grounds of cost, maintenance and usability. A few leading developers have now included home automation and tech enabled buildings as a part of their amenities list.

Justo, amongst its many services, is trying to bridge the gap between buyers and developers in terms of technology, product offerings and brand positioning. The effective deployment of technology to build a strong delivery model, backend and consumer led, is customised based on projects, location and buyer profile and Justo has designed and successfully implemented numerous such technology and marketing driven portfolios that have translated to higher ROI for developers.

Justo has been working with developers to redesign their Sales and Marketing strategy to further strengthen the developer’s brand equity amongst its audience. With the aim to build an aspirational developer brand, Justo has successfully executed M&S strategies that have redefined developer proposition to achieve higher ROI.

With the growth and rising demand of affordable housing in India, Justo has built a SBU to cater to developers in this segment and support the government’s initiative of providing affordable homes under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. The company is already working with a list of developers in this segment, pan India, to help design and deliver homes to millions of Indians.

With its expertise in  the fields of sales, marketing, technology and finance leading the team at Justo, the company has already built viable online to offline models and delivery platforms that are redefining the developer offerings across projects to influence sales, highlight project offerings and strengthen developer equity.

Justo in sales and Marketing segment has best in class execution team which take up projects on sole selling basis in affordable and mid segment of residential and commercial space . Justo would be soon expanding to other regions as well .

Amongst its many service offerings, Justo also plays a vital role in developer finance and is actively working with leading developers to raise funds for their project requirements through a consortium of Banks, NBFC, PE players, FIIs and domestic investors. With its pan India presence, Justo is also strongly networked with land owners who are looking at developing their land parcels through a mutually benefitting joint venture deal.

— Rahul Pande

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